Cleaning And Disinfection of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems

Steps Necessary to Clean the Ducts

HVAC systems work non-stop and that’s why they generate a lot of dust that settles and makes dirt. Various bacteria, mites, allergens and germs are also deposited in the channels of this system. Because of all this, it is necessary to do Duct Cleaning.

In order for your air conditioning and ventilation system to be able to provide you with quality air, you need to call a company to clean this system. A professional team will come to your address and perform a thorough inspection of the entire system. This inspection is carried out with the help of a special robot equipped with a digital camera. The operator controlling the robot will have a real insight into the condition of your ventilation system on the monitor.

Duct Cleaning

He will be able to see exactly where there is the most dirt and where you need to pay special attention when cleaning. After that, they will determine the sectors that they will partially clean. This determination increases the efficiency of the entire cleaning process. A cleaning room will be provided. Cleaning is done with special brushes, and then the dust is vacuumed with very strong vacuum cleaners that do not allow even the smallest speck of dust to remain. When this part of the work is finished in each channel of this system, a complete disinfection is carried out, after which the robot with the camera is inserted again, in order to check whether everything has been properly cleaned.

In order to have ideally clean air in your indoor space, contact a Duct Cleaning company that will provide you with impeccable cleaning and disinfection of your HVAC system.