How to Move with Small Children

How to Move with Kids: Tips from a Mover

It is never easy to move with small children. They have so many needs that require your attention, and you are often pulled in a million different directions at once. It can be exhausting! But there are ways to make it easier on yourself and the kids.

Hire movers in Charlotte metropolitan area, this way you will have more time and energy to take care of your kids during this stressful time.

Arrange for a babysitter before you move. That way, you can keep your kids close to you and not worry about how they are managing the day of the move. The person watching them shouldn’t be too far away from where you are starting out though – in case something happens, it will still be easy to get back home quickly!

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Pack up all their toys ahead of time so that there is less packing on moving day. Label each box with what toy or game goes inside so that unpacking day is just as easy as packing day was.

Decide which rooms will go first (kitchen vs bedroom) and pack those items into boxes right after breakfast/lunch when everyone’s energy levels are high.

Embrace the fact that your move will be easier and faster than a traditional one. You can leave out many of the extras you would have taken time to pack if this was just for yourself!

Prepare four weeks worth of meals so there is no stress about figuring out what’s for dinner or lunch on moving day itself. This also saves money because you are able to buy ingredients in bulk during sales, which means less waste.

Schedule two days before the move as “moving days.” Use these pre-move days to help keep everything running smoother…get groceries, do laundry, clean up around the house (all tasks that need doing but often get put off). That way when it comes time to actually start packing boxes, you’ll have already done much of the prep work.