Pros and Cons of Bottled Water

Is Bottled Water Worth It?

When you think about the world of bottled water, what comes to mind? Bottled Drink Cool water is a popular commodity these days. You can find it in stores and restaurants near you. But do you know the pros and cons of this product? The nice thing about bottled water is that it’s convenient. It’s also healthy for your body because there are no additives or artificial ingredients used to make it taste good. So, should you switch from tap to bottled?

Another benefit of bottled water is that it comes in so many flavors. You can buy it in regular and extra light, or get flavored like lemon-lime or raspberry. The variety is something that tap water doesn’t come close to matching! You can have a different flavor for each day of the week if you want to. But, when comparing bottled water to tap water, there are some cons as well. The big con with this product is all the plastic bottles used and disposed every single day.

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However, there are some environmentally-friendly water bottles made from recycled plastic that you can purchase. You can also reuse your disposable ones if you wash them with soap and dry them by hand every day. The other con is how much it costs to buy bottled water all the time, which can become very expensive over time!

As for tap vs bottle debate, there are benefits of both options depending on what’s important to you or your family. What matters most? Convenience or taste/healthiness? If convenience is more important than taste then go ahead and buy a case of bottled water at the grocery store today. However, if tasting good comes first then stick with regular old bottled water until someone invents an affordable way to filter tap into something yummy.